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By Moss Dermatology
May 13, 2020
Category: Skin Treatments
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Maintaining that young and healthy skin glow will take more than daily cleansing, moisturizing, and vigilant sun protection, especially as you age. As you grow older, your skin will gradually lose its natural elasticity, resulting in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Even with a consistent and effective maintenance routine, you will lose ample volume in the face, causing creases that could make you appear older than you actually are.

Dr. Tamara Moss of Moss Dermatology here in Forest Hills, NY, offers cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections to amp up your beauty routine and keep wrinkles and fine lines under control. As part of your individualized treatment plan, Botox could prevent obvious aging signs and help keep your facial skin line-free, smooth, and plump.

Premature Signs of Aging to Watch Out For

In most cases, the earliest and most obvious aging signs appear around the eyes. Specifically, those lines and creases spreading out from the eye area, commonly called crow’s feet, could make you seem older and more tired. Some individuals are likewise more prone to developing deep lines between the eyebrows from constant smiling, squinting, or frowning.

Unfortunately, these creases and lines are usually among the first things that people notice, which, in turn, may negatively impact your self-esteem and confidence. On the flip side, you can start with non-invasive anti-aging treatments such as Botox in your 30s (sooner if you have deeper and premature wrinkles) when your production of collagen also begins to slow down.

How Botox Injections Keep Wrinkles and Fine Lines at Bay

Botox injections contain a purified bacterium from the botulinum toxin. They are FDA-approved and work by temporarily paralyzing muscles that cause the development of crow’s feet and frown lines. After an injection of Botox, these troublesome muscles stop contracting and go into a relaxed state to minimize the look of creases and lines in the injection site.

Performed by a skilled dermatologist, the treatment could last for a couple of months. Results will likewise be visible in just two to three days. Your dermatologist here in Forest Hills, NY, will develop a personalized treatment plan that will include Botox injections and other complementary treatments (as needed) to specifically address your specific skin concerns to ensure that the results will look natural.

To Find Out if Botox Injections Can Help You, Give Us a Call

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