What are My Cosmetic Dermatology Options?
By Forest Hills Dermatology
February 27, 2018
Category: Skin Care

There are several cosmetic dermatology procedures that can improve the appearance of your skin. Dr. Tamara Moss, in Forest Hills, NY, cancosmetic dermatology help with any questions you may have, from botox, microdermabrasion and acne treatment.


Botox is an FDA-approved treatment. It is used to eliminate and/or reduce wrinkles and creases on your face. It does this by paralyzing the muscles that contract and the create wrinkles and creases. The muscles are contracted due to the release of a chemical called acetylcholine. When the patient is injected with Botox, the production of acetylcholine is blocked, therefore stopping the contraction of the muscles.

The most common problem areas are frown and worry lines, crow's feet and laugh lines, which are caused as a result of years of laughing, squinting and frowning. After the Botox treatment, you will start to notice smoother skin, which should last about three to six months.

Chemical Peels

Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and beta hydroxy acids, like salicylic acid, can improve the appearance of your skin. Chemical peels can:

  • exfoliate skin which makes it feel softer and smoother
  • improve the fine lines and wrinkles
  • improve acne
  • help fade brown patches and uneven pigmentation
  • improves dull, lifeless skin


Microdermabrasion safely exfoliates and resurfaces your skin by utilizing fine crystals. The skin turns red and is irritated, but not for extended periods time. Aggressive treatment may be necessary, so a vacuum pressure is used eased to penetrate deeper layers of skin.

Treatments help with:

  • improving skin appearance
  • reversing the aging process
  • improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blotchiness due to sun damage.
  • helping to stimulate the layers of skin to produce more collagen
  • improves acne and acne scarring
  • fades brown patches and uneven pigmentation
  • improves dull skin

Acne Treatment

The secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands is a natural process. This oil gland is meant to provide your skin with the moisture it needs, but this isn't always the case. The sebum moves from the root of the hair follicle to the top, where the surface of the skin is located. When you're suffering from acne, the sebum doesn't reach the surface of the skin and, instead, creates a blockage, which consists of sebum and dead cells.

Treatments include:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide, which may help in reducing the blockage of the skin pores
  • Your hair follicles are susceptible to infections, which is why your Forest Hills dermatologist may give you antibiotics, either oral and topical
  • Using sources of Vitamin A, such as tretinoin, helps exfoliate your blocked pores
  • Some people may use a metal instrument which can remove and extract whiteheads and blackheads manually or by force

If you have any questions or concerns, call Dr. Moss in Forest Hills, NY.